Amber Springs is pleased to offer our Wellness Program which is designed to increase the length of time a person can enjoy a healthy, active, positive quality of life.  Our program is based on a nationally designed wellness program, which has been developed from reliable medical research completed on the older adult population.  Improved health care helps increase “health span”.


Specific Wellness Program features:


Seated Exercise:  Recommended for people with arthritis, early stage osteoporosis, chronic pain, joint replacement, or those who have previously been inactive.  This specific program is designed to alleviate stiff joints, chronic pain, and help increase bone density, even if the individual is wheelchair bound.


Walking Program:  A program appropriate for people of all fitness levels.  Walking helps improve circulation, lower blood pressure and anxiety, and increase bone density of the lower body.


Reminiscence Group:  Designed to encourage open discussions about the past, present, and future.  Not only does the program provide many social benefits through the exchange of stories, ideas, and information, but it also helps exercise the minds of participants.


Our Wellness Program is designed for those individuals wishing to incorporate nutrition, counseling, stress management, spiritual, social and other meaningful group activities into their lives.

Fitness Group

Welcome to Amber Springs at LaurelWood.  We invite you to join our fitness group.  Our exercise classes are a fun way to keep physically fit and active.  A wide variety of exercises are used to increase function and mobility, promote independence, and improve quality of life.


Why Exercise?


Here are ten reasons why you should exercise:

  1. Exercise helps reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes.
  2. Exercise makes it easier to control your weight.
  3. Exercise reduces cholesterol levels, which in turn cleans the arteries.
  4. Exercise reduces stress.
  5. Exercise lowers your blood pressure.
  6. Exercise decreases your chance of getting certain diseases.
  7. Exercise improves your mobility by increasing flexibility, range of motion, and balance.
  8. Exercise increases stamina, so you can do more without getting tired.
  9. Exercise increases bone density.
  10. Exercise makes you feel better and helps you make new friends.
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